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Posted On April 20 , 2010

A reporter asked us today about Sarah Palin’s religious beliefs, didn’t it disturb us that her support for Israel might be motivated by some Christian millenarian doctrine, or some such thing.

We said, “Wait a minute. Barack Obama sat in a church for 20 years in front of Jeremiah Wright preaching ‘G-dd–m America!’, the church newsletter ran unedited Hamas bulletins, and you have the nerve to ask me about Palin’s religious beliefs? Have you no shame?”

(If they print that, we’ll post it for you!)

Surprise! Turns out they almost printed what we said:

[Korn] dismisses those, including the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, who have been spooked by Palin’s use of rhetoric that hints at a belief in a “regathering” of Jews in Israel preceding the return of Jesus Christ and Jews’ “conversion to Christianity and their mass death in the battle of Armageddon.”

Said Korn: “Jeffrey Goldberg can write what he wants … but if a person is going to be fair about this, and you want to raise questions about the religious motivations of a politician let us start with the 44th president,” he said, referring to the controversy surrounding President Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

“I’m not even talking about any Muslim implications here, but given his policies, you wonder,” Korn added. “I accept at face value that he’s a Christian, but then why do you bow to the king of Saudi Arabia?”

Here’s the full article:

Israeli 'New Historian' Benny Morris

Prof. Benny Morris, of Ben Gurion University, is the “Dean of New Historians” in Israel, meaning the academic clique who are usually “post-Zionist.”

But after Arafat walked away from Ehud Barak’s offer of 98 percent of Gaza, the West Bank, and half of Jerusalem, at the end of the Clinton presidency in 1999, Morris recanted his life-long Leftism.

Here in the Los Angeles Times of 4.16.10, Morris writes of:

‘When Armageddon Lives Next Door’

‘Obama is denying Israel the right to self-defense when it is not his, or America’s, life that is on the line.’

“I take it personally: Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to murder me, my family and my people. Day in, day out, he announces the imminent demise of the “Zionist regime,” by which he means Israel. And day in, day out, his scientists and technicians are advancing toward the atomic weaponry that will enable him to bring this about.” …


They’re running our article under the title the Jewish Telegraphic Agency gave to it:

Op-Ed: Palin’s policies reflect

Americans’ spirit on Israel

Here’s the link:


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has strongly criticized Democrats in Congress for not speaking out against the Obama administration’s anti-Israel tilt.

Koch, who himself served as a Democrat congressman from 1969 to 1977, wrote in his April 20 weekly commentary: “The silence continues to be deafening with no Democrat in Congress to my knowledge crying out against President Obama for continuing to try to diminish the U.S.’ closeness to Israel.  The President is apparently attempting to placate the Sunni Muslim countries…The President fails to realize, however, that sacrificing the U.S.-Israel relationship is both unnecessary and dangerous…Only through steadfast U.S. support of Israel will the Arab countries realize that the Jewish state is here to stay.  That, in turn, will lead to peace.”

Koch was particularly critical of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York.  Koch wrote previously that when he challenged the Democrats’ silence on Israel, Schumer contacted him privately to say that he was “working behind the scenes” to alter U.S. policy.  Now, in his April 20 commentary, Koch wrote:

“There are those, when asked what they are doing to challenge and defeat the President’s actions with regard to these grave matters, who have answered, ‘I am working behind the scenes.’  Those corridors must be heavily crowded and those hidden efforts do not appear to have produced results.  I repeat, the silence is deafening.”

Koch said that two recent congressional letters concerning Israel, which inexplicably were sent to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton rather than directly to President Obama himself, were “toothless” and ineffectual.   “The letters consist of a platitudinous statement of why the U.S. and Israel are allies, but do not criticize the President or convey to him that Congress will oppose his efforts to change the U.S.-Israel relationship,” Koch wrote.

Koch added:  “Even more shocking is that some key Senators were unwilling even to sign the toothless letter.  One can only speculate why the following Senators declined to sign – John Kerry (D-MA), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Christopher Dodd (D-CT), Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee; Dick Durbin (D-IL), Democratic Party Whip; Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Harry Reid (D-NV), Senate Majority Leader, and others.  Was it due to agreement with the President’s plan?  Was it fear of the President?  I suspect agreement.”

Recent remarks by U.S. officials suggesting that Israeli policies could endanger the lives of American soldiers are nothing less than a “blood libel,” a prominent Baltimore rabbi has warned.

Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tfiloh in Baltimore, said in a sermon marking Israeli Independence Day (April 18):

“Israel is not only now being blamed for hindering peace with the Palestinians, talk has started to boil to the surface that Israel is to be blamed for the death of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a libel–this is a blood libel! We’ve heard these accusations before, but they always came from the extreme fringes; from the Pat Buchanans and others of his ilk. Now the talk is becoming more mainstream…

“In a statement later denied, Vice President Biden was quoted as telling Prime Minister Netanyahu, ‘What you are doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ U.S. Central Command General David Petraeus sends a statement to the Pentagon with a stark warning: ‘America’s relationship with Israel is important but not as important as the lives of American soldiers’…

“A recent editorial in USA Today included these frightening words: ‘If Americans whose own family member’s lives are at risk every day in Iraq and Afghanistan come to believe that Israel’s action needlessly increase that risk, support would be jeopardized’…

“The only thing that could change the [pro-Israel] feelings of Americans would be if our country’s service men and women were dying because of Israel. And a mood is emanating from Washington that could lead people to believe just that! What else is one to make of Mr. Obama’s statement this week that the Middle East conflict was “‘costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.’ What a horrible thing to say! The truth is, the Middle East conflict is affecting the blood and treasure of Israeli boys — not Americans. No American blood has been shed for Israel but plenty of Jewish blood has been! A real friend would not say this is Israel’s fault.”

Read the complete text of Rabbi Wohlberg HERE:


By Benyamin Korn

The Obama administration’s tilt against Israel, its tacit acceptance of a nuclear-armed Iran, and its weak approach to combatting Islamic terrorism all pose a direct challenge to Jewish Americans.

Governor Sarah Palin has described the “Obama doctrine” in United States foreign policy as “coddling our enemies while alienating allies.”  Ms. Palin has emerged as the leading public voice in opposition to President Obama’s dangerous new direction.

For these reasons, my colleagues and I are launching a national organization of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, supported by the new web site, JewsforSarah.com – A Home Page for Jewish Independents.

JASP is comprised of academic, religious, and community leaders who are dedicated to promoting consideration of Gov. Palin’s policy positions in the wider American Jewish community.  We are entirely unconnected to any other political campaign or fundraising organization.

We find Ms. Palin’s positions on Israel, Iran, national security, fiscal responsibility, energy, and social policy – as well as her record on these issues as governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States – to be serious, substantive and politically mainstream.  Though not at present a candidate for any office, Gov. Palin’s track record in public office has been exemplary, and has withstood the test of the most demanding scrutiny of investigative news media.

In her time, Margaret Thatcher was first dismissed as unintelligent, unsophisticated, the wrong gender, and incapable of taking her place among the world’s statesmen.   In the end, she proved her detractors all wrong and restored Britain’s economic, political, and national security institutions to their former greatness.  Today and for posterity, she is reckoned among the handful of pivotal world leaders of the late twentieth century.

Likewise, Ronald Reagan was initially looked upon with scorn, both by American Jews and even by many conservatives.  Commentary magazine editor Norman Podhoretz recently wrote that his early support of Reagan’s 1980 presidential candidacy was greeted by his friends with derisive remarks about “this B-movie star.”  In the end, conservatives came to respect and then revere Reagan.

In the 1980 election, 60 percent of American Jews deserted President Jimmy Carter, with most of them voting for Reagan.  Podhoretz sees a parallel to Sarah Palin.  So do we.

In recent days, prominent Jewish leaders and other Jewish political figures have publicly challenged President Obama’s foreign policy in terms that were unimaginable only a few weeks ago.  Former New York City mayor Ed Koch, a life-long Democrat, has excoriated the president for “demeaning and slandering” Israel. “There is a foul whiff of Munich and appeasement in the air,” Koch writes.

Anti-Defamation League leader Abraham Foxman has raised the prospect of a Jewish march on Washington to protest Obama’s tilt against Israel.  World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder has taken out full-page ads in major American newspapers to criticize Obama for pressuring Israel to retreat to the “indefensible borders” of 1967.

Democratic U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,  has characterized the president’s refusal to include militant Islam in his list of terror promoters as “offensive” and said it “contradicts thousands of years of accepted military and intelligence doctrine to ‘know your enemy.’ “

President Obama’s disgraceful personal treatment of Israel’s prime minister on his official visits to Washington, and the ugly personal tone that the president himself has injected into U.S.-Israel relations, has angered even many of his supporters and driven Obama’s personal popularity to an all-time low among the Israeli public.

The suddenness of the president’s change in his policies toward Israel, after having  campaigned vociferously in 2008 as a friend of the Jewish State, has caught many in the American Jewish community off-guard.  No longer.

We believe it is time for American Jews to declare independence from President Barack Obama. And we believe that Gov. Sarah Palin’s heartfelt and unflinching support for America-Israel friendship reflects the true spirit of the American people, among whom love and respect for the Jewish State has never faltered.

April 18, 2010 – 5th of Iyar, 5770

Israel Independence Day – Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Obama’s Pressure on Israel Spurs
a Jewish Group for Sarah Palin

April 15, 2010

NEW YORK — President Obama’s recent demarche designed to increase pressure on Israel is having one immediate impact in the Jewish community — it is hastening the formation of an organization called Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin.
Plans for the new group are set to be announced on Sunday by a Philadelphia-based journalist and activist named Binyamin Korn, a former executive director of the Zionist Organization of America. The announcement is unlikely to make big news, as the group is embryonic, with an advisory committee of several journalists and academics.
Its aim, however, is to take advantage of the growing alarm within the Jewish community at what Mr. Korn, in an interview this week with the New York Sun, called an “escalation of rhetoric” criticizing the Jewish state. The group also hopes to counter suggestions — by, among others, such opposite figures as the widely read Atlantic magazine blogger Jeffrey Goldberg and the left-of-center, anti-Israel publication Counterpunch — that Mrs. Palin’s support for Israel is animated by “end of days” theology that believes an in-gathering in Israel will precede the apocalypse and the destruction of the Jews.
Mr. Korn dismisses such talk, saying that there is “a wide range of views about religion within the Jewish Community and an even wider range of views about religion in the Christian community” and that “whatever motives Governor Palin may have or may be imputed to her are entirely within the mainstream of American discourse . . .” He said his group was encouraged by a defense of Mrs. Palin in an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal by the most famous neo-conservative, Norman Podhoretz, who wrote that he would “rather be ruled by the Tea Party than by the Democratic Party” and “would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama.”
What Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin is saying, Mr. Korn said, “is that the most articulate person in the public arena today in opposition to the Obama administration’s shift in policies against Israel is Sarah Palin.” He called her “very direct,” particularly on the controversy of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, on terrorism policies, and on the emerging Obama doctrine.
Mr. Korn said his organization, which has not yet been incorporated, has had “no contact with Governor Palin or her campaign” and has no relation to her political action committee, known as SarahPAC. “We would be gratified if Governor Palin considers this a contribution to her efforts to influence American life,” Mr. Korn said. “We hope that she will feel we are supporting her, even though she is clearly not a candidate for any office at this time.”


Jews for Sarah Hits the Blogosphere

Posted On April 16 , 2010

The birth of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin sparked interest and comment across cyberspace within hours of its announcement.

Seth Lipsky broke the story at NewYorkSun.com on Friday morning, April 16, at http://www.nysun.com/national/obamas-pressure-on-israel-gives-birth-to-jewish/86918/

Within hours, the report was picked up by:

The Jewish online magazine Tablet:


The Palination:


Conservative American:


Conservatives 4Palin:


Palin Twibe:


British blogger Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs:




     President Obama is “treating Israel like an enemy” while at the same time “throwing in the towel” on sanctions against Iran, Gov. Sarah Palin charged in a statement released on the eve of Passover.

     Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “treated like an unwelcome guest” during his recent visit to Washington, Gov. Palin pointed out, noting that President Obama refused to be photographed with the Israeli leader.

     While the Obama administration continually demands more concessions from Israel, it has made no such demands on the Palestinian Authority, and the result is that “the Palestinians add ever more conditions to their participation in peace talks,” Gov. Palin said.

     To make matters worse, the administration is backing down on sanctions against Iran, just when Tehran’s leaders are moving ever closer to being able to “launch a Second Holocaust,” Gov. Palin noted. Despite the CIA’s new assessment “that Iran already has the capability and the know-how to build nuclear weapons,” the administration has “worked hard to stall bipartisan [Congressional] efforts to pass the Iran Sanctions Act.”

     The administration once spoke of implementing “crippling” sanctions on Iran, but now it speaks only of “sanctions that ‘bite’.” “Shockingly,” Gov. Palin added, “these ‘biting’ sanctions will no longer include actions that could actually change Iran’s behavior, including limiting Iran’s access to international capital markets and banking services or closing air space and waters to Iran’s national air and shipping lines.” Thus instead of “biting,” the question now is “whether they will even nibble.”

     If Tehran’s nuclear capabilities are not eliminated, “Israel would face the gravest threat since its creation” and the Mideast will be engulfed in “a regional nuclear arms race as other countries seek their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran. Nuclear non-proliferation efforts would be over.”

     “The Obama administration has their priorities exactly backwards,” Gov. Palin concluded. “We should be working with our friend and democratic ally to stop Iran’s nuclear program, not throwing in the towel on sanctions while treating Israel like an enemy.”

     Gov. Palin’s statement follows her powerful criticism of the Obama administration for pressuring Israel to halt Jewish housing construction in Jerusalem.

     On March 16, Gov. Palin blasted the administration’s “unilateral demands on Israel” and its “overheated rhetoric” on the Jerusalem issue. She said the administration’s decision to escalate the confrontation with Israel over Jerusalem was “leading to the worst crisis in US-Israel relations in decades” and “threaten[ing] the very foundation of the US-Israel relationship.”

     The Obama administration is “missing the boat” when it comes Israel and the Palestinians, she said. It needs to “go back to the basics and acknowledge Palestinian leaders have not progressed any peace process since President Obama was elected.” By clashing with Israel and ignoring Arab intransigence, the administration is encouraging Arab leaders to “sit back and wait for the White House to further pressure Israel.”

      Gov. Palin noted the irony in the Obama administration’s decision to denounce “our treasured ally, Israel” while at the same time “reach[ing] out to some of the world’s worst regimes in the name of their engagement policy.” In recent months, she pointed out, the administration has made gestures to the oppressive regimes of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Burma, Sudan, and Venezuela.

Podhoretz: “Better Palin Than Obama”

Posted On April 15 , 2010

“I would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama.”

With those words, Norman Podhoretz has fired a shot-heard-round-the-blogosphere at those conservative intellectuals who have looked askance at Gov. Sarah Palin.

Writing on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal on March 29, Podhoretz not only broke with many fellow-conservatives regarding Palin, but also gave a huge boost to Palin’s supporters within the American Jewish community.

In his essay, Podhoretz compared the response of some conservative intellectuals to the rise of Sarah Palin to the response of some conservatives to the 1980 presidential candidacy of Ronald Reagan.

“It’s hard to imagine now, but 31 years ago, when I first announced that I was supporting Reagan in his bid for the 1980 Republican presidential nomination, I was routinely asked by friends on the right how I could possibly associate myself with this ‘airhead,’ this B movie star, who was not only stupid but incompetent,” Podhoretz wrote.

While conservative intellectuals acknowledged that Reagan’s views were much closer to their own than those of President Jimmy Carter, they cringed at what they saw as “the embarrassing primitivism with which he expressed them.”

Podhoretz quoted Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol as pointing out that Gov. Palin’s views, too, “are much closer to those of her conservative opponents” than to isolationist or “moderate” Republicans.

Podhoretz noted that on foreign policy, for example, Gov. Palin may have had less direct experience than her vice presidential rival, Senator Joseph Biden, but Biden “was wrong on almost every major [foreign policy] issue that arose in the 30 years he spent in the Senate.” And “what she does know–and in this respect, she does resemble Reagan–is that the United States has been a force for good in the world, which is more than Barack Obama…has yet to learn.”

What then, accounts for some conservative intellectuals’ dislike of Gov. Palin? “Class bias,” according to Podhoretz. They are personally uncomfortable with the “Tea Party rabble.” They do not really feel any sense of personal kinship with the ordinary conservatives “who see [Gov. Palin] as one of them, only better able and better positioned to stand up against the contempt and condescension of the liberal elites…”

After more than a year of watching the Obama White House “in action,” Podhoretz wrote, “I hereby declare that I would rather be ruled by the Tea Party than by the Democratic Party, and I would rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama. .”

As editor of Commentary magazine for more than three decades and the author of numerous critically acclaimed books and essays, Podhoretz, a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom,
is widely regarded one of the leading Jewish intellectuals of our era.

Under Podhoretz’s leadership, Commentary emerged as of the most influential intellectual journals in the United States. His publication of Jeane Kirkpatrick’s landmark essay “Dictatorships and Double Standards” in 1979 led directly to the choice of Kirkpatrick to serve as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under President Reagan.

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