Comes today the most welcome news that Gov. Palin will be visiting New Delhi, India, capital of the world’s largest democracy, and a famously diverse society. Home today to nearly 50 million Christians and 150 million Muslims – and for two millennia a tolerant host to far smaller Jewish communities – India’s ancient Hindu culture gave rise to philosophy, mathematics, metallurgy, textiles and optics, a commercial culture that reached outward and a spirituality that ventured deeply inward and upward. And, of course, an agrarian society of more than 700,000 villages and a universalist religion – Buddhism – that came to dominate East Asia, even as it was rejected in the land of its birth.

Mrs. Palin will deliver the closing address at the ‘India Today Conclave,’ chaired by the urbane editor of India Today magazine, Aroon Purie. Also featured is Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, (from Pakistan) author/activist Fatima Bhutto (daughter of recently assassinated prime ministerial aspirant Benazir Bhutto) and the British economic historian Niall Ferguson (author of a two-volume history of the House of Rothschild), who is now residing in the United States and who will speak on ‘The Myth of American Decline.’

‘Mother India’ has, of course, fascinated world travelers for centuries, and one would hope that Gov. Palin could see more than the magnificent Himalayas (where she would doubtless feel at home) or the glorious Moghul monuments of Delhi and Agra. An intrepid spirit with fewer responsibilities than hers might have time to visit the Christian-majority (and highly literate) southern state of Kerala, whose ancient Christian community pre-dates the advent of the Roman church, and whose nearly diminished Jewish community may trace its origins to the maritime ventures of King Solomon in ancient Israel.

Namaste, Sarah behenji!


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