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Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

Statement on U.S. Veto

of UN Security Council Resolution

Condemning Israel for ‘Settlement’ Construction


1. The Obama Administration was correct to veto the proposed United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the State of Israel for construction of housing in its capital city of Jerusalem, and in territories it has administered since 1967 in accordance with international law.

2. The United States delegation to the UN should have signaled months ago that it would not allow such a resolution to pass the UNSC, and would exercise its veto power, if necessary.  This would likely have avoided the confrontation with the Palestinian delegation unfolding over past weeks, which weakens U.S. international standing.

3. The statements of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan G. Rice, accompanying the veto, and of Secretary of State Clinton following the veto, were regrettable, as Israeli housing construction has never, and does not now, constitute any obstacle to a peace agreement with Israel.

4. The emphasis of this administration in focusing on “Israeli settlements” as an “obstacle to peace” is misplaced and contradicts previous understandings and assurances between the United States and Israel, including the 2004 letter from President George W. Bush to Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in support of Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza.

5. No previous Palestinian administration – nor Mr. Abbas’ prior to the advent of the Obama administration – has ever insisted upon a cessation of Israel’s construction activities in its capital, Jerusalem, nor in other territories captured by Israel in its defensive war of 1967, as a precondition for negotiations. It has, until the advent of the Obama administration, always been understood by all parties that Israeli construction in these areas, and their final disposition, were matters for negotiation in any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

6. American diplomats and legal scholars have demonstrated that international law upholds the legality of Israeli and Arab construction in the territories under Israel’s administration since 1967.

7. Israel should in fact be supported and commended for its policy of allowing both Jewish and Arab construction in those areas, in accordance with applicable regulations and ordinances.

8. The United States should be focusing its diplomatic efforts and financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority – now more than $2B annually – on determining whether it can be a suitable partner for peace, including insistence that the PA resumes direct negotiations with Israel, suppresses terrorist activities carried out by its affiliated militias, roots out corruption and mis-direction of U.S. and other international aid, ends all official and unofficial incitement against Israel, and focuses on the development of the institutions of a peaceful and democratic society.

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

February 19, 2010

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