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Eugene V., of Albany, CA, who wrote us:

The propensity of the liberal media to blame everything on Sarah Palin reminds me of how the Jew-haters blame everything on Jews. Hence, I move to make Sarah an ‘honorary Jew.’

But we need a minyan [quorum for public prayer]. Are there 9 more Jews who are willing to join me?

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  1. britt says:

    Why doesn’t this site doesn’t provide the names of its organizers? Most policy sites, to affirm their legitimacy, name the founders or creators. I suspect “Jews for Sarah” was created by her campaign team.

  2. Claire Rubenstein says:

    Sarah Palin is an honorary Jew!. If she runs for president I will work on her campaign. She has heart and brains. All the best to her.

  3. Edd Haskell says:

    Well, as a moderate Democrat, I am not a natural Sarah Palin supporter — but if she wishes to be an honorary Jews, and if everyone else reading this adores her, thats fine with me.

    She does seem like a true friend of Israel

    She also seems like a very nice person, and I like what she has done for disabled children by raising Tripp so publically.

    However, I do have one gripe. Too-many Jews on the Supreme Court and war-criminal defender Pat Buchanan is not be any sense of the imagination a friend of the Jews, and would probably be nauseated if you called him one. Sarah apparantly supported him and worked for him in the past, and he is her biggest supporter in the media. Is there any way she can distance herself from Pat?

  4. vera hamann says:

    I am not Jew but visit this site frequently. I have strong admiration for Sarah Palin and I appreciate your web site and your support for her.
    If you will have buttons or shirts with Sarahs
    name in Hebrew I will buy it too. Notion that Sarah might become honorary Jew has brought some loud “hooray” in my home today! Thank you!

  5. Amy says:

    As a Jew for Jesus that fully supports Israel, I am soooo happy about this movement! Let’s put her in office to represent all Jews!

  6. admin says:

    You said it, Ben. I’m gonna cash on fan gear!

  7. Ben Mayer says:

    Print up those “Sarah” (Pronounce it in Hebrew.) buttons, and I’ll buy one. If the Kool-Aid drinkers in our community could walk around with their “Baruch” buttons, as though someone who sat for twenty years in a Hamas-friendly church is one of us, so much more so we should wear “Sarah” buttons in Hebrew! She is actually a friend of the Jews, not just some fantasy created by self-important know-it-alls who refuse to question their loyalty to the Democratic party.

  8. Iwill Pray for her honorary establishment as a JEW. I MUST DO SO FROM FlA., AS I CANNOT COME TO cal, at this time.
    /saarah Palin is the epitmy of an American oioneer, Alaka being our “pioneer” stqte. The “lft ceased being ‘LIBERL” YEARS AGO. tHEY ARE ACTUALLY THE MOST HATEFUL, VENOMOUS GROUP TO CURSE OUR LAND AT THIS TIME.

  9. Ron Hontanosas says:

    Count me in brother!

  10. Jay says:

    I’ll join you in recognizing Sarah Palin as an honorary Jew. She has done more for Jews than any liberal ever claimed by supporting Israel.

  11. Laurel Federbush says:

    Sure, I’m a Jew and I think Sarah is great.

  12. Who could ask for a better Mench to allow us to join her ranks.

    It is the self loathing Jews that are AKA “Jewish Nazi’s” What self respecting Jew would support Hellery Clinton after she kissed Arafat’s and whispered in her ear” When I become president Israel is doomed” Who can forget Hellery calling someone a “Jew bastard” and Yet self hating Jews such as Chuck Schmuer (would sell his mother to a death camp for a vote) Supported he as Elliot Engel, Jeffery (the dingbat) Dinowitz

    Jews know all to well what happens with gun control and yet America has the best Jewish haters money can buy.

    These Nazi Jews are all for the Mosque on the World trade center site to prove WE LOST THEY WON as like many conquered nations a mosque is built to show the world we (The Muslim victors) beat America from within buying Jewish politicians with for few Sheckles and bought their vote

    Chuck Schmuer took his teachings right out of the Nazi doctrine and had it translated word for word and morons still do not realize he is one of the most raciest politicos we ever had (Next to Hellery) IMHO


  13. alan g says:

    I would like to concur that Sarah Palin should be recognized as an honorary Jew. If anyone knows what it means to be condemed for her beliefs, which is to stand for liberty, she is that person.

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