Dennis Prager – Who called Sarah Palin an ‘Idiot’?

Posted On December 15 , 2010
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AARON SORKIN in a 2006 photo

Comparing shooting a caribou

to a ’snuff film’

is the ranting of an immature

and morally confused mind


Dennis Prager

National Review


On CNN recently, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, West Wing) called Sarah Palin an “idiot.”

Let’s see to whom that label applies.

Last week in the Huffington Post, Sorkin wrote a column attacking the ex-governor of Alaska and her reality-TV miniseries on TLC, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Sorkin opened with a quote from Sarah Palin on the hypocrisy of meat-eaters who condemn hunting for food. He then proceeded with this response: “You’re right, Sarah, we’ll all just go f*** ourselves now.”

That non-sequitur was the high point of Sorkin’s column. (Also, as I noted in my last column on the Grammy Awards nominees for Record of the Year, while most people use expletives in private conversation or in rare uncontrolled outbursts, the Hollywood and art-world Left uses expletives in public discourse and in writing as a matter of course.)

Sorkin was furious that the documentary showed Palin hunting and killing a caribou. Although she made it clear that she intended to eat the animal, according to Sorkin, she had committed an act of murder and torture.

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Sorkin admits that he eats meat and wears leather. So while he and almost all of us in the affluent West can eat healthfully without eating any meat, Sorkin chooses to have animals killed solely for his culinary pleasure. In other words, he is morally at peace with paying others to kill animals for what is in fact the “fun” of eating meat. But when Sarah Palin hunts and kills an animal for food, she is a murderer and torturer.

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