This is based on the PalinTV video of Gov. Palin’s 9/16 Louisville speech, which has been overshadowed by the intense coverage devoted to her Iowa address.

Ted Belman


Palin was very personal and personable. She can certainly entertain an audience. Mostly she talked off script and occasionally read her notes. Her talk opened up a big window to the type of person she is. I really like her.

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And she is not afraid to talk about her faith. Her testament to her faith was beautiful and beautifully expressed. I myself am a secular person but it didn’t prevent me from recognizing that. She was so articulate and passionate about how she came to embrace God and believe in him that I loved her all the more.


Her faith doesn’t disqualify her from office (are Jewish liberals listening?). Nor is it any reason to fear her in office. Did you know that she is not a member of any church or that her best friend all her life was a lesbian. In fact they roomed together in college. When asked about her “lesbian friend”, she corrected the questioner and said my “best friend”. She said she would not judge her. When asked about her legislative intentions regarding abortion she said she prefers to be an advocate for life rather than to legislate it.

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Many seculars are turned off by anyone of faith. To my mind they are driven by prejudice. Some religious people can be a pain in the ass or when they talk about G-d its a turnoff. Others, like Palin, can be inspirational.

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