‘God bless Barack Obama’

Posted On September 17 , 2010
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Drew Zahn



MIAMI – On the same morning that Floyd Brown rallied attendees of WorldNetDaily’s “Taking America Back Conference” with reasons to impeach the sitting president, speaker Aaron Klein surprised the audience by declaring, “God bless Barack Obama.”

The words may have sounded strange coming from Klein, WND’s senior reporter, WABC Radio host and author of “The Manchurian President.”

But Klein prefaced his comments by explaining his research over the past two years uncovering Obama’s ties to radical socialists and anti-American influences, as well as his work even longer to sound the alarm over radical Islam.

God Bless Obama for waking up this country to these [radical Islamic] threats and the threat of what he is,” Klein said. “He did in a year and a half what I couldn’t do in five or six years.”

Alluding to the nation’s sweeping tea party movement, as well as to the crowd gathered in Miami, Fla., for the “Taking America Back” conference, Klein said, “God Bless Obama. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be taking to the streets, we wouldn’t be organizing, we wouldn’t be awakening the nation.”

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