‘The blast of the shofar is a call to action’

Posted On September 2 , 2010
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Jewish New Year’s message

from Rabbi Pesach Lerner,

National Council of

Young Israel

(representing more than 135 centrist Orthodox synagogues in the United States)

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

As we welcome the new year, with all its hope and opportunity, we must demand change.

We must call upon Abbas and the Palestinian Authority to disavow the relentless violence that has claimed thousands of innocent Israeli lives. We must insist that the Palestinian leadership denounce calls for Israel’s destruction and recognize Israel’s fundamental right to exist as a sovereign Jewish nation.

Maimonides, the great Torah scholar, wrote the following in his compilation of laws relating to teshuvah [repentance]: “Although the sounding of the shofar [ram's horn] on Rosh Hashanah is a Divine decree, nevertheless we can discern a purpose in doing so. It is as if it tells us: ‘Sleepers! Arise from your slumber, and those who are dozing, awake from your lethargy. Review your actions, repent your sins and remember your Creator!’ ”

The blast of the shofar is a call to action intended to rouse our souls and inspire us to do what is right.

Now is the time for American Jewry to stand up and proudly proclaim that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation. We must insist that Israel’s security is not negotiable. We must continue to demand the release of Gilad Shalit, the captive Israeli soldier who languishes in Gaza. We must demand the cessation of anti-Israel rhetoric and education in mosques and in schools.

American Jews must stand up and be heard on the issues that are vital to the security and survival of the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

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  1. art finkle says:

    For more information about Shofar and other Holy Temple instruments, we have written extensively on the Shofar and have three websites

    1) Joint Effort with Michael Chusid, an expert Shofar sounder and commentator

    2) Shofar Sounders WebPage

    3) Shofar WebPage

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