Say it ain't so – REP. JOE SESTAK

Stole hundreds of documents – SANDY BERGER

Jack Cashill

American Thinker

Should Democrat Joe Sestak be elected the next United States senator from Pennsylvania – he beat Arlen Specter handily on  [May 18] – he might best be known as the “Senator from Sandy Berger.” Sestak owes his political career to Berger. Were there any justice in Washington, Berger would himself be in Leavenworth [ . . . ]

In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as “the point man for the [Clinton] White House’s China policy.” That policy, unfortunately, had more to do with advancing Bill Clinton’s desperate quest for reelection in 1996 than it did with advancing America’s interests in the world.

During Clinton’s first term, Sandy Berger, then deputy national security advisor, had begun plotting to undermine the professionals from the National Security Council, State, and Defense who were resisting the wholesale transfer of licensing authority for satellites and other potential military technology to the Commerce Department. Once moved to Commerce, the military feared it would lose veto power over exports.

American technical advice was making Chinese threats against Taiwan and even America more than empty boasts. And yet in their relentless drive to raise money, the Clintons were fully prepared to broker that advice. In March 1996, Berger pressed on and managed to send satellite control to Commerce. Said Clinton at the time, “Industry should like the fact that they will deal with the more ‘user friendly’ Commerce system.” Industry did. So did China. And the Clinton campaign coffers swelled accordingly.

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