MARGARET THATCHER: ‘I greatly admired Golda Meir’

Posted On April 9 , 2013
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Margaret Thatcher talks with former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (left) in Tel Aviv in April 1976.

Lady Thatcher was the first British prime minister to visit the State of Israel.

“You mentioned Golda Meir. Of course, in a way, I follow in her footsteps. I knew her. I greatly admired her. I greatly admired her as a war leader. I greatly admired her tremendous courage. I greatly admired her as a pioneer. I greatly admired her as a human being, warm, thoughtful, kind, for all her fellow citizens and for human kind in the world as a whole.”

Archives de la Fondation Thatcher. Allocution de Mme Thatcher à l’occasion d’un dîner offert par le Premier Ministre israélien Shimon Peres à Jérusalem, le 25 mai 1986.

Our good friend Dr. Fay, over at the SarahPalinInformationBlog, has excerpted a nice post on Thatcher and the Jews by Adam Chandler of Tablet Mag.

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