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I delivered a speech and participated in a panel discussion in Aspen, Colorado [ . . . ] via satellite.

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The conference, “Aspen Counterpoint,” an independent project, was founded by three residents of the Aspen Valley: Alan Altman, Elaine Sandler, and Judith King. These brave and determined souls wanted to present material and a “diversity of perspectives” that are rarely heard in a single forum or in Aspen. “2010 Summer Symposium: Conscience and Conflict” covered the “Persecution of Women, Perpetuation of Slavery, International Complacency, Militant Islamist Strategies, and Misrepresentation of Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts.”

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The other speakers were Ambassador John Bolton, currently of the American Enterprise Institute; Caroline Glick, deputy editor of the Jerusalem Post and senior Middle East fellow at the Center for Security Policy; Charles Jacobs, co-founder of Boston’s CAMERA, The David Project, and The American Anti-Slavery Group; Khaled Abu Toameh, the West Bank and Gaza correspondent for the Jerusalem Post; and R. James Woolsey, former director of the CIA during the Clinton administration, former under secretary of the Navy, and founding member of the Set America Free Coalition, dedicated to freeing American from oil dependence.

Quite a lineup, yes? Videos will be made available for educational purpose; write to aspencounterpoint@gmail.com.

I was privileged to start off the morning panel, “Human Rights and Petro Dollars,” with Charles Jacobs and Jim Woolsey.

I spoke about the failure of Western intellectuals to understand and oppose Islamism, terrorism, and barbarism. I specifically spoke about Islamic gender and religious apartheid. (I will publish a part of my lecture separately).

DR. CHARLES JACOBS – Veteran human rights activist

Charles Jacobs spoke about his many important human rights campaigns, the latest of which is his ongoing fight to document and expose the 16 million dollar mega mosque known as the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center and its ties to radical Islam (hatred of infidels, military jihad, terrorism). For doing so, Jacobs has been sued by Islamists and attacked by liberal Jewish rabbis who ride the interfaith “illusion” train, whose wheels are greased with many kinds of rewards.

Jacobs asked: “Why are Western progressives paralyzed by crimes committed by Muslims?” He described his work in trying to free slaves in the Sudan and how the “human rights community did not help us.” Jacobs was unable to persuade the Clinton and Bush administrations to stop the genocide of two million black African Muslims, Christians, and Animists by ethnic Arab Muslims. He said: “It was a real case of we shall undercome.” He suggested that we google Amnesty International on their work in Sudan — and to then compare what little we find to Amnesty’s close, obsessive, scrutiny of alleged Israeli human rights abuses.

Jacobs talked about the second or third generation of Muslims in America who want to “lead lives in separatist enclaves,” who believe that “returning to their roots” is the same as “becoming radicalized.” These young Muslims honestly believe that Islam preceded Judaism and Christianity. Much proselytizing has been done in African-American neighborhoods and in jails. He reminded us that the problem is not just in Boston, that there are similarly Saudi-funded Wahhabi-style or Muslim Brotherhood-style mosques all over America (yes, at Ground Zero in Manhattan too), that the mainstream media do not write about them — and when they do, they present them as exercises in Muslim moderation.

This is precisely what drives true moderate Muslims — the kind who appear in Zeyno Baran’s excellent anthology The Other Muslims: Moderate and Secular.

Jacobs stressed that government officials have been supporting the Islamic Center in Boston — despite the fact that one of its founders, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. True, he was also a chief fundraiser for both Clinton and Bush — but he was also a money runner for al-Qaeda and an ally of Hamas and Hezbollah; Alamoudi is currently serving 23 years in prison.

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