NO MOSQUE AT GROUND ZERO – 10,000 protest, June 6, 2010, organized by Pamela Geller

Benyamin Korn

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

“Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real” – Sarah Palin

With these words, former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin becomes the first national political personality to support the growing resistance movement in America to aggressive Islamicization tactics.

George W. Bush had bent over backwards not to offend American Muslims. Even as he sent U.S. troops to Afghanistan, and then Iraq, while pushing through the Patriot Act and creating the Department of Homeland Security, the White House was inviting Muslim leaders with extremist connections to attend the memorial ceremonies for 9/11.

A passel of Paul Reveres have been warning us that America faces not only the threats of foreign and home-grown Islamic terrorism, but the encroachment of “legal Islamism” as well – that is, the widespread and aggressive use of legal means to expand the Muslim footprint over our society. We are not talking here about Muslim individuals being allowed to use vacation days to observe Ramadan.

Instead, we are talking about an imam of dubious political provenance using foreign millions to erect a 15-storey Islamic center at the very place where thousands of Americans were incinerated by well-coordinated extremists acting in the name of their prophet.

Why would any peace-loving Muslim want to offend ordinary Americans by insisting on erecting a mosque there? Educated Muslims, as well as aficionados of their culture, know well that Islam has always used architecture to express political and spiritual dominance. In fact, so does every civilization. That’s why they took down the Twin Towers.

As one caller to a Sunday talk show put it: “This is like the Japanese wanting to put a Shinto shrine at the entrance to Pearl Harbor.”

Now Sarah Palin has joined the fight.

How wonderful that the latest “Palin endorsement” comes on the very day The New York Times runs a page 1 Sunday story of Gov. Palin’s emergence as the most influential figure in Republican politics. When the Times admits it, Sarah Palin has really arrived.

Gov. Palin has demonstrated once again that she is not afraid to listen to the warnings of our latter-day Paul Reveres. And to add her voice to theirs.

As with the other famous “Palin endorsements,” may this one be for a game changer.

And another tweet, about 1 1/2 hours later:

Peace-seeking Muslims, pls understand, Ground Zero mosque is UNNECESSARY provocation; it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing – Sarah Palin

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  1. I also watched Mr. Korn on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. Mr. Korn was great, made all the right points. I was delighted to see him represent Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin.

    It’s the raging hatred toward Sarah Palin that is a joke, I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Thank you Mr. Korn.

  2. Dave Cohen says:

    I’m currently watching Mr. Korn on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. Mr. Korn, you embarrass me as a Jew. Sarah Palin is a spiteful hateful moron whose 15 minutes should have been up months ago. For you to defend her is a joke, as are you. You should be embarrassed, I know you are an embarrassment to G-d

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  4. chae s. sone says:

    Hold the ground zero Mosque plan
    until we meet with Abraham:

    9 11 massive attacks against the U.S. targets were smartly planned with richly financed – smart plan but hate based as a reflection of the constant culture conflict – devalued Allah’s moral contentions.
    These hate based attacks have the most chilling effects lingering upon every day’s American life since. The quality of cruelty revealed again in the atrocities of the 10 medical missionary workers for the poor underclass of that dark society of Afghanistan. These victims lost their lives for the mission as they tried to serve God at their best in life by serving their needy brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the children of Allah.

    The frequent massacres among the different sects of Muslims demonstrate the quality of their fragmented faith – bankrupt Muslim morality.

    The pros and cons on whether or not to allow the construction of the mosque on the ground zero should not be determined on the basis of the idea of freedom of religion, but their moral quality of the unfaithful cruelty which is dangerous for them as well as for the bystanders. Thus, there is no reason for anyone including themselves to believe that the ground zero plan based upon a universally accepted value system.

    Thus the ground zero plan should be postponed until the time Moslems and Christians has the family gatherings before our ancestor Abraham.

    Remember the facts that our airports, subways, railroads or large building or the city streets are under the seize now of the Moslem terrorists; even they are now scanning into our lady’s private parts, anyone wants their loved ones go through the terrorist’s scanning under seize.

    Muslims could have chance to sneak into America in groups as students, visitors or religious workers under the ground zero mosque sponsorship if their plan allowed to stand as some idealists dream. Then, they could establish the planning center for the second 9 11 – fatal to the sinking American civilization

    As you all know, at any emergency we call “9 11” for police help. The smart attackers choose “September 11” to warn America. Now there we are under their seize as they warned America to call “9 11”…

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