Recent remarks by U.S. officials suggesting that Israeli policies could endanger the lives of American soldiers are nothing less than a “blood libel,” a prominent Baltimore rabbi has warned.

Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tfiloh in Baltimore, said in a sermon marking Israeli Independence Day (April 18):

“Israel is not only now being blamed for hindering peace with the Palestinians, talk has started to boil to the surface that Israel is to be blamed for the death of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is a libel–this is a blood libel! We’ve heard these accusations before, but they always came from the extreme fringes; from the Pat Buchanans and others of his ilk. Now the talk is becoming more mainstream…

“In a statement later denied, Vice President Biden was quoted as telling Prime Minister Netanyahu, ‘What you are doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.’ U.S. Central Command General David Petraeus sends a statement to the Pentagon with a stark warning: ‘America’s relationship with Israel is important but not as important as the lives of American soldiers’…

“A recent editorial in USA Today included these frightening words: ‘If Americans whose own family member’s lives are at risk every day in Iraq and Afghanistan come to believe that Israel’s action needlessly increase that risk, support would be jeopardized’…

“The only thing that could change the [pro-Israel] feelings of Americans would be if our country’s service men and women were dying because of Israel. And a mood is emanating from Washington that could lead people to believe just that! What else is one to make of Mr. Obama’s statement this week that the Middle East conflict was “‘costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.’ What a horrible thing to say! The truth is, the Middle East conflict is affecting the blood and treasure of Israeli boys — not Americans. No American blood has been shed for Israel but plenty of Jewish blood has been! A real friend would not say this is Israel’s fault.”

Read the complete text of Rabbi Wohlberg HERE:

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  1. Elmer Goldman says:

    Where can I contact American Jews For Palin. I want to join their cause and be registered with them. I have been an Ohio attorney for 60 years, an ardent Zionist and former Democrat. I am no long a Democrat I beliecve it is an objective of Obama to drive the Jews out of the Democrat party and he is doing a good job. The only thing he is doin well

  2. Len says:

    That’s exactly what the Stalin’s propaganda in Soviet Union told to the Russians: “the WWII started because of the Jews”.

  3. jane leibowitz says:

    As a jew myself, I have long wondered if American jews would ever wake up to Obama’s true sympathies. They were certainly obvious before he was elected. This website is a good sign. Now if the media, Hollywood and academia would start to smell the coffee also, we might someday rid the country of this “ship of fools”. We can only hope they are voted out before the damage the country beyond repair.

  4. Bruce O'Hara says:

    With all due respect, the Jewish community that is finally waking up acts like this Admins stance on Israel is a major shock.
    I spent the entire Primary talking with every Jewish person that I knew about Obamas sympathy for the Palestinians and his rancor for Israel. I was laughed at, scorned, pitied, ignored, or insulted.
    I pointed out his associates, Wright, Farrakan, etc, etc, etc. I pointed out the Lefts obvious tilt towards the Muslims with their apologies, their blaming America and their news blackout on anything negative to Muslims.
    Every time Obama opened his mouth about Israel or insulted her leaders since his inauguration I knew we were getting closer to the American Jewish “awakening”.
    When I was recently informed of the Jews For Palin website I was elated. Finally !!!
    While I, myself, am a supporter of Sarah, I am most pleased that the veil is falling about Obama. I can almost say it doesn’t matter who you support as long as it’s not the pro-muslim Obama.
    Contrary to what the Left will have you believe, the pro-Constitutional Conservatives are not primarily fundamental Christians. We DO strongly support Israel and her enemies are our enemies. The mirror image of the Left and Obama.
    Fortunately, this “awakening” has happened in time for the Jewish vote to help in removing Progressive, anti-American, anti-Israeli members of Congress in November.
    G-d Bless you all…and welcome to the fight.