Yes, HILLARY can go to ISRAEL, but she can’t make us care

Posted On July 5 , 2012
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But will she wear the hijab??

Will she bring her Muslim Brotherhood-linked aide Huma Abedin (Mrs. Anthony Wiener)??

In Cairo

Can Hillary Trump Romney’s Israel Visit?

Jonathan S. Tobin


There will be those who will claim Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s just announced trip to Israel this month will trump Mitt Romney’s visit later this summer. We will be told this will be evidence of the power of incumbency and the sweet talk uttered by Clinton will balance if not overshadow anything Romney might do or say. But that will be nothing but Democrat spin. Clinton’s trip will not only do nothing to ease President Obama’s difficulties with pro-Israel voters. The decision to send the secretary rather than the president finally breaking down and making his first stop in the Jewish state — something obviously in his political interests as well as a smart foreign policy move — only emphasizes the coolness in relations between the two countries during the past three and a half years.

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Nor can Clinton credibly play the role of Israel’s friend among Obama’s chief counselors. Clinton has, after all, been the public face of the administration’s efforts to undermine Israel’s stand on Jerusalem, administering undiplomatic tongue-lashings to Prime Minister Netanyahu whenever the president’s pique at Israel flared up into the annual spats that soured relations and encouraged Palestinian intransigence. The contrast between her fervent support for the Jewish state while she was a senator (and beholden to New York’s Jewish voters) and the brusque relations between Foggy Bottom and the Netanyahu government is also a reminder of the hollow nature of Democratic assurances about an Obama presidency’s affection for Israel prior to his election in 2008.

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