Obama’s pick for Iraq envoy withdraws under cloud of scandal

Posted On June 18 , 2012
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Brett McGurk withdraws nomination as U.S. ambassador to Iraq

By Emily Heil

Brett McGurk, the White House’s pick to be the ambassador to Iraq, on Monday withdrew his nomination in the face of mounting opposition in the Senate.

Senate Republicans last week expressed doubts about McGurk after a racy e-mail exchange surfaced between McGurk and a Wall Street Journal reporter covering him. The e-mails were sent while McGurk was working in Iraq for the National Security Council under then-President George W. Bush and reporter Gina Chon was stationed in Baghdad.

McGurk and Chon, who were married to others at the time that they struck up a relationship, have obtained divorces and recently married. Chon resigned from the Wall Street Journal last week after admitting the affair.

In a letter, six GOP members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said such “unprofessional conduct … will affect the nominee’s credibility in the country where he has been nominated to serve.”

The White House expressed regret over McGurk’s decision.

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