Excellent collection of links to articles on Palin over past 3 wks

Posted On May 22 , 2012
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Gov. Palin in the Press: April 27 – May 18

Some of the top stories and commentary about Sarah Palin over the past three weeks:

Joel Pollak: Does Obama Read Sullivan for Trig Trutherism or Anti-Israel Rants?

John Nolte: Comedian Who Called Palin ‘B*tch’ Helps Launch ‘Latinos for Obama’

al.com: Sarah Palin tells Christian women to follow Alabama’s motto, ‘Dare to defend our rights’

Maggie Gallagher: Sarah Palin was a prophet about Obama’s education takeover

Bernie Quigley: Judge Napolitano, Gov. Palin & Gov. Perry should form a new Federalist Party

InMaricopa.com: Bristol Palin sells Maricopa home

Chicago Tribune: Being camera-ready counts for a lot, studies find

Stacy Drake: Past Is Prologue: Reformers Need Not Apply

Whitney Pitcher: Who Is the Real Sarah Palin?

Anthony Martin: Republican elites attempt to rewrite history in Palin bash

John Nolte – War on Women: Top Hollywood Obama Supporter/Donor Trashes Bristol Palin

Ron Devito: Sarah Palin Radio Interviews Breitbart’s Tony Lee on GOPe Palin-Bashing

Maggie Gallagher – Bristol Palin: Unwed Moms for Marriage Unite!

John Nolte – Palin Derangement Syndrome: Romney Camp Allows Media To Impact VP Choice

Breitbart TV – Noam Chomsky: Sarah Palin Was Right About Obama’s ‘Hopey Changey Stuff’

Tony Lee: Deb Fischer Primary Victory Shocks Political World

AWR Hawkins – Sarah Palin: Pitbull, Mama Grizzly, and Kingmaker

The Conservative Mind: The Sarah Palin Factor Revisited

Todd Beamon: Palin Still ‘Spark’ for Underdog Candidates

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