The birth of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin sparked interest and comment across cyberspace within hours of its announcement.

Seth Lipsky broke the story at on Friday morning, April 16, at

Within hours, the report was picked up by:

The Jewish online magazine Tablet:

The Palination:

Conservative American:

Conservatives 4Palin:

Palin Twibe:

British blogger Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs:


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  1. Jack Cadigan says:

    I read that some Jewish folk opine that Governor Palin’s statement characterizing our country as a “Christian Nation” implies anti-Semitism. A corollary might be that an Israelite characterizing Israel as a “Jewish Nation” would imply anti-Christian sentiments. In fact, in my view, both nations were founded on principles and traditions dating back to the Ten Commandments.

    Governor Palin has been very outspoken in her support of Israel remaining militarily strong and independent in the middle east.
    Palin’s fiscal conservatism should be supported by all Americans who recognize our current dangerous path of passing monumental bills costing trillions of dollars (without even reading or analyzation) is the highway to bankruptcy.
    Governor Palin’s greatest strength is she is unlike many other politicians who merely mouth appropriate words fashioned to earn approval by each specific audience. You know exactly where she stands.
    She stands for all traditional Hebraic values as well as unbending support for our close friend and ally of 62 years – Israel.

    I submit the current administration has consistently undercut the sovreignity of Israel, and provided succor to those whose objective is the annihilation of the nation and those jews living within it. I have been to Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto; emotional events seared in my heart forever. I fear for her future as Iran continues to spew her threats of violence and continues unfettered on the road to being a nuclear power.

    An estimated 77% of Jewish voters helped select our current President. It is time for that 77% to support someone who will support Jews and the Jewish nation of Israel; someone such as Governor Palin.

    An Alaska Christian

  2. Jon says:

    I am involved with Christians United for Israel, please keep it up. Sarah is great and my support of Israel is forever.

  3. Jewgirl says:

    I also send out the links to friends and I will put it on my facebook and twitter page..Everybody should do same that way we are able to move more traffic here…

  4. Dr. K says:

    Given the obvious and, indeed palpable, anti-Jewish sentiment and behavior of Obama and his radical-Marxist regime, the history (and, increasingly, the popularity and inculcation) of Nazism throughout the Middle East, and the gangster government’s attacks on the Tea Party patriots, we (counter-revolutionaries) should understand that we are all Jews now!

  5. Frank Lane says:

    Good luck from Australia…I think i am 1/8 Polish Jew and agree with your view’s 100%.
    All the very best…Frank.

  6. Joy Daniels Brower says:

    This is FANTASTIC!! The “Big MO” is definitely underway – and now, at last, a site for Conservative Jews (OK, of course, there are others, too) that speaks directly to Jews (and non-Jews) who want to stand together in support of the State of Israel. Many of us have known from the get-go that the “regime” of BHO would be a disaster, but, in all honesty, I think most of us did not anticipate the size and depth of that disaster/catastrophe. Now, we are going to stand firm against the unholy Leftist/Islamic alliance that so threatens Israel.

    Never give up, never give in – and never again!!

  7. Charolette says:

    I wish you the very BEST in your endeavors with your new site !!! I am a Christian but strongly support the the Jewish people. I can never understand why ANY Jewish person would support Obama because he is NOT willing to stand firm for Isreal and her people… has never made ANY sense to me.

    I am very happy to see your support of Sarah and I am willing to help you in any way I can. I run a couple Sarah sites which I have listed where is asks for “websites”. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you promote and create your new site !!! Shalom:)

  8. Josh Painter says:

    Texas for Sarah Palin reported it here:

    We also post a permanent link to on our companion reference blog, The Book of Sarah:

    The is located in the sidebar section titled “Sarah Palin Support Sites.”


    - JP
    Josh Painter
    Blogs 4 Palin