International protest groups take up ‘Tea Party’ flag

By Kyle Peterson

The Daily Caller


As Tea Party protests pop up in places like Moscow, Tel Aviv and the Hague, Americans may question whether the Tea Party platform can cross international and cultural borders. For activists outside the U.S., the answer is a resounding “yes.”

“I think the message of the American Revolution is global. The message of natural, unalienable rights, the message of opposition to tyrannical government — that’s not just well-known, that’s universal,” Boris Karpa, organizer of the Israeli Tea Party, told The Daily Caller in an e-mail. “As you know well, many countries have based their founding documents on the U.S. Declaration of Independence or other American documents.”

Although several international organizers had never even heard of the Boston Tea Party until U.S. protests brought the events of 1773 back into the spotlight, they now wear the Tea Party badge proudly as an example of American exceptionalism worth emulating.

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[T]he Israeli group will hold its first rally, to celebrate “Tax Freedom Day,” on July 16 in front of Tel Aviv’s City Hall.

We will arrive with protest signs and flags — both Israeli flags and Gadsden Flags,” Karpa said. “We’ve even arranged to have several Gadsden flags produced with ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ printed on them in Hebrew.”

As the movements grow, organizers hope they will coalesce into a transnational organization, especially in Europe, where much the political and decision-making power rests with the EU.

More and more European parliamentarians want to introduce a European-wide tax system. We already gave up our immigration — the EU decides who gets into our country and who doesn’t,” Hofkamp said. “The Italian Tea Party and our party have good contact and we hope that more countries will follow. We are working on ideas to unite soon in Brussels, in front of the EU-parliament.”

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And in Israel, in Hebrew.

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  1. Bruce O'H. says:

    As the world divides into the two camps, proponents for freedom versus the tyrannical Left, the Tea Party movement is firmly in the camp of freedom as a G-d given right.
    Having been involved in this movement from it’s inception, I’m surprised and pleased that it’s spirit has crossed international borders.