Archie Comics brings Occupy movement to Riverdale in March

Posted On February 22 , 2012
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All-American teenager Archie Andrews is used to having finesse his way through heated conflicts and make peace between passionate opponents, being unable to choose between the dueling affections of frenemies Betty and Veronica for about 70 years now, but he’s going to find himself in the middle of an all-new conflict this July, when the Occupy movement comes to the town of Riverdale.

Archie Comics released a painted variant cover by Jill Thompson, the comics and storybook artist best known for her Scary Godmother, Sandman and Beasts of Burden work. In the image, Archie crouches behind a tree that divides the image, with girl-next-door Betty and pal Jughead among the sign-holding crowd on one side, and one-percenters Veronica Lodge and her dad on the other.

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