By Benyamin Korn

The Obama administration’s tilt against Israel, its tacit acceptance of a nuclear-armed Iran, and its weak approach to combatting Islamic terrorism all pose a direct challenge to Jewish Americans.

Governor Sarah Palin has described the “Obama doctrine” in United States foreign policy as “coddling our enemies while alienating allies.”  Ms. Palin has emerged as the leading public voice in opposition to President Obama’s dangerous new direction.

For these reasons, my colleagues and I are launching a national organization of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin, supported by the new web site, – A Home Page for Jewish Independents.

JASP is comprised of academic, religious, and community leaders who are dedicated to promoting consideration of Gov. Palin’s policy positions in the wider American Jewish community.  We are entirely unconnected to any other political campaign or fundraising organization.

We find Ms. Palin’s positions on Israel, Iran, national security, fiscal responsibility, energy, and social policy – as well as her record on these issues as governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States – to be serious, substantive and politically mainstream.  Though not at present a candidate for any office, Gov. Palin’s track record in public office has been exemplary, and has withstood the test of the most demanding scrutiny of investigative news media.

In her time, Margaret Thatcher was first dismissed as unintelligent, unsophisticated, the wrong gender, and incapable of taking her place among the world’s statesmen.   In the end, she proved her detractors all wrong and restored Britain’s economic, political, and national security institutions to their former greatness.  Today and for posterity, she is reckoned among the handful of pivotal world leaders of the late twentieth century.

Likewise, Ronald Reagan was initially looked upon with scorn, both by American Jews and even by many conservatives.  Commentary magazine editor Norman Podhoretz recently wrote that his early support of Reagan’s 1980 presidential candidacy was greeted by his friends with derisive remarks about “this B-movie star.”  In the end, conservatives came to respect and then revere Reagan.

In the 1980 election, 60 percent of American Jews deserted President Jimmy Carter, with most of them voting for Reagan.  Podhoretz sees a parallel to Sarah Palin.  So do we.

In recent days, prominent Jewish leaders and other Jewish political figures have publicly challenged President Obama’s foreign policy in terms that were unimaginable only a few weeks ago.  Former New York City mayor Ed Koch, a life-long Democrat, has excoriated the president for “demeaning and slandering” Israel. “There is a foul whiff of Munich and appeasement in the air,” Koch writes.

Anti-Defamation League leader Abraham Foxman has raised the prospect of a Jewish march on Washington to protest Obama’s tilt against Israel.  World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder has taken out full-page ads in major American newspapers to criticize Obama for pressuring Israel to retreat to the “indefensible borders” of 1967.

Democratic U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,  has characterized the president’s refusal to include militant Islam in his list of terror promoters as “offensive” and said it “contradicts thousands of years of accepted military and intelligence doctrine to ‘know your enemy.’ “

President Obama’s disgraceful personal treatment of Israel’s prime minister on his official visits to Washington, and the ugly personal tone that the president himself has injected into U.S.-Israel relations, has angered even many of his supporters and driven Obama’s personal popularity to an all-time low among the Israeli public.

The suddenness of the president’s change in his policies toward Israel, after having  campaigned vociferously in 2008 as a friend of the Jewish State, has caught many in the American Jewish community off-guard.  No longer.

We believe it is time for American Jews to declare independence from President Barack Obama. And we believe that Gov. Sarah Palin’s heartfelt and unflinching support for America-Israel friendship reflects the true spirit of the American people, among whom love and respect for the Jewish State has never faltered.

April 18, 2010 – 5th of Iyar, 5770

Israel Independence Day – Yom Ha’Atzma’ut

Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. 徵信社 says:

    this post will probably be deleted! . it’s obvious that pathetic liberal tree huggers are telling us down the river. Simple answer: stand up and be counted. Is it a tune too familiar from our news paper?!!!

  2. Ari says:

    Kenneth: liberals anti-semitic? Really? How many of us must die before we get that? Sarah recommends the book, “The Manchurian President” read it, PLEASE.

    BTW: Stalin was a liberal
    Mussolini was a liberal
    Hitler was a liberal (don’t challenge me on that one, his political party was The National Socialist (workers) Party.

    Liberals talk a good show until they are in power then they put us to death. Sarah said that BO wants and may even succeed in giving Jerusalem to the terrorists if we don’t vote out democrats this fall……

  3. Two things we can now “thank” the OBMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. for is it’s cozy relationship with the lamestream media and Helen Thomas in particular have revealed her Anti-Semitic hatred of both Jews and Israel and in turn the BO stench of liberalism’s exposing it’s true colors by association.

  4. Rick in Alabama says:

    I love this site!!! Although we are living in seriously dangerous times, there is also a serious “awakening” taking place.

  5. Ari says:

    It is my personal belief that it is BO’s goal to finish what Hitler started. Sarah would be a real stumbling block for the liberal agenda and the Final Solution.

  6. Ari says:

    Menachem: Sarah knows full well that G-d has a special relationship with Jews / Israel. Most real Christians also know this and are in support of Israel. BO has a special relationship with Muslims. Oh, you have noticed? Maybe this is all why BO made the attack on Christians early on by proclaiming that the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation. ?

  7. menachem says:

    Finally, a web site that duly praises he virtues of a REAL political hero–Sarah Palin.

  8. Ari says:

    Benyamin Korn says “tilt”, people it is not a TILT, he wants us DEAD. LOOK, no Israel, no Jews, no problems with Muslims anymore, period that is all BO sees. And for G-d’s sake would you PLEASE stop believing BO’s incessant lies.

  9. ben karan says:

    time for loyal jews and americans to help
    duped obama supporters to understand, that it
    is not just israel that is in mortal danger, but
    every man woman and child in america.
    we need to join with those who without apology
    demand a strong, powerful usa who
    will bring back capatalist/humanist values, of work ethic, true charity through religious values and
    patriotism without blinking.
    sarah needs to be supported and pushed forward into
    the public arena.

  10. Ira Kasper says:

    For over five decades American Jews have supported liberal causes without thought. They have learned to raise their own children with strict ethics and a demand for achievement and yet refused to realize that those same qualities need to be promoted throughout the world. It’s sad that it took the election of a socialist to start to wake our people to the conservative values that we have actually lived by as a standard for our politicians. Go Sarah.

  11. Juven Bachan says:

    I am not a Jew but most of my work colleagues are Jewish and we respect each other . What happened in the camps of Europe is a disgrace to humanity. Obama is a reminder of the dark days of the 40’s and we
    should beware of the lion in sheep’s clothing. I salute the Jewish people with their foundation of strong family,religious and sense of justice and equality for all men of honor and humanity. I raise the flag for the continued existence of Israel’s face on the earth and I respect her for honoring righteous Gentiles. The Jewish people couldn’t support a better person than Sarah Palin, because Barack Obama is going back to his radical roots of black muslim theology which does not brood good for Americans and the Jewish people, a Chosen People.

  12. Kory Bustard says:

    The Jewish people need our support if they are ever to be saved. Obama does not understand that fact. Sarah Palin does. That’s why Christians as well as Jews need to support her.

  13. Marty Reitzin says:

    This Jew say’s “YES”! Never have we seen a president so disregard our best and only ally in the Middle East. G_d have mercy on this nation if things do not change.

  14. Eileen says:

    Thank you for bring together this site and information.

  15. Congratulations on a great beginning! I look forward to checking you out often.

    Sarah Palin is by no means perfect, as people are forever reminding us. She’s said some things that she probably wishes she hadn’t said. But her values are right and rock-solid; she knows who her friends are, and how to treat them; and she knows how to keep on fighting when everyone else thinks the battle is lost.

    America needs Sarah Palin. I voted for her in 2008, and I hope one day to vote for her again.

    “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat.”
    – Theodore Roosevelt

  16. hf says:

    amen to that..about time we joined mainstream america and left the left wing anti israel faction of the democratic party..the left makes fun of those who speak the truth like sarah palin. to my fellow co religionists…who are you more worried about now?…

  17. Willie says:

    This is great! I will spread the word. God bless Mrs. Palin and Israel in Jesus name. Amen.

  18. Jerusalem be made the praise of the Nations says:

    For the record, I am not Jewish, but I consider myself a friend of Israel.

    As a Christian I believe a Jew named Jesus died for me, so how can I not love his people?

  19. Jerusalem be made the praise of the Nations says:

    If I may suggest a person that is A HUGE friend of Israel, it is Hal Lindsey. Check out his website and his TV show.

    He is on top of all issues concerning Israel and he is very committed in exposing the propoganda against Isreal from the Palestines and the MSM.

    If you do not really understand why Israel is the victim, Hal Lindsey will educate you and you will understand why we must support leaders that are PRO-ISRAEL.

  20. Jerusalem be made the praise of the Nations says:

    I am glad to see that not everybody is blinded by the President and his Party.

    I thank the founders of this website for having the boldness to step out and declare support for this fighter for America and Israel, Sarah Palin, and to recognize that her views are mainstream, and that she is NOT our enemy.

    May God bless you all. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who hate Israel will be cursed.

  21. Karen in Michigan says:

    Great site! It’s makes me happy that you’ve spoke out and see what I see in Sarah Palin the first politician that I’ve personally been inspired by.

    I wish everyone would read what you wrote.

    “…We find Ms. Palin’s positions on Israel, Iran, national security, fiscal responsibility, energy, and social policy – as well as her record on these issues as governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States – to be serious, substantive and politically mainstream. Though not at present a candidate for any office, Gov. Palin’s track record in public office has been exemplary, and has withstood the test of the most demanding scrutiny of investigative news media…” PERFECT!

  22. Phil says:

    I love this site. As a former, pre-911 lifelong Democrat and post-911 Conservative Republican, I sometimes feel very alone in my political beliefs in the Jewish community. It is heartening that more and more Jews are FINALLY coming to their senses about politics and this world. The nauseating extreme-left tilt of the Democrat party, epitomized by this naive, dangerous fool of a president, should be truly frightening to any thinking, thoughtful person. Every week this foolish leader and his Democrat minions in Congress find more ways to overthrow what has made this country so great and so unique. The outrages they are perpetrating on the US and Israel are truly lamentable. Lets throw all these idiots OUT in November and at least restore a bit of balance to this federal government before it is too late to reclaim our American heritage and save Israel!

  23. David says:

    Thank you for supporting Palin.Israel is Americas best friend in the middle east.I hope America never turns their back on a beautiful nation and great people,who have suffered so much.Israel has the right to exist and defend their nation.I hope more jewish people start paying more attention to Palin. America needs her as the next POTUS.

  24. bellagrazi says:

    Thank you for recognizing Sarah Palin’s commitment to the Jewish people. I am not Jewish, but am a strong supporter of Israel. I am horrified by the treatment that Benjamin Netanyahu has received from President Obama. He is no friend to Israel. Never was. Sarah Palin has always been a strong supporter to Israel and its people. I’m really hoping that she runs for President in ‘12. We need a strong leader in the oval office.

  25. M.Minnesota says:

    Thank you Much in your efforts to bringing the message of Gov. Palin to the American-Jewish Community!!

    If your Website has the ability to play Music, may I suggest I’m sorry I can’t spell, “Neiborhood Bully” by Bob Dylan.

  26. Leslie Fox says:

    You have a beautiful site! Do you have a Facebook page?

  27. Ari says:

    The Obamba regime is no friend of our Constitution, or our ally’s. So stop voting for his regime already! Clean house and lock up the machine.

  28. Nachum says:

    I like this. I like it a lot.

  29. Priscilla says:

    This website will be a great resource and clearly demonstrates that not all Jews back Obama. Spread the word,folks.

  30. An excellent and much needed Website.

    My wife and I both stand with Israel and thank GOD that in His grace and mercy He has protected and blessed Israel for its being about the only Middle East country which stands with the United States of America.

    Even the thought, much less the suggestion that U.S. should, in any manner, now or ever, turn its back on Israel is dangerously ludicrous.

    To us, the way that the OBAMANATION UPON THE NATION, INC. has thus far treated this most important ally and friend is simply incomprehensible. We believe that the Kenyan-born Muslim usurper of the American Constitutional Republic’s White House and Oval Office is a fraud, a traitor to the Republic, a pathological liar and someone who is hellbent on trying to kill anything to do with God.

    Where Israel stands so also stand Ken and Maria Treuter.

  31. Frank says:

    Great article. Great site. Obama’s recent treatment of Netanyahu was shameful and hopefully a wake up call to Jews in America.