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  1. chae s. sone says:

    Shouldn’t you hold the ground zero Mosque plan until we meet with Abraham in the family gatherings?

    Mr. Zakaria’s reaction to it was too hasty to be a rational without reviewing the risk fact as German authorities did to close the Hamburg Mosque frequented by 9/11 Attackers as now frequented by the same radicals

    9 11 massive attacks against the U.S. targets were the richly financed smart plan, nothing but hate based as a reflection of the constant culture conflicts – devalued Allah’s moral contentions. In a sense, it was an action for their own version of Freedom of Religion.
    These hate based attacks have the most chilling effects upon every day American life lingering on since then.

    Recently the quality of their cruelty revealed again in the massacres of the 10 medical missionary workers for the poor underclass of that dark Muslim society of Afghanistan – definitely against the will of Allah.

    These victims lost their lives for the mission as they tried to serve God at their best in life by serving their needy brothers and sisters in Christ as well as in Allah.
    America’s freedom of religion is realized in the very humanistic sacrifices.

    The frequent massacres among the different sects of Muslims demonstrate the quality of their fragmented faith – bankrupt Muslim morality.

    The pros and cons on whether or not to allow the construction of the mosque on the ground zero should not be determined on the basis of the idea of freedom of religion, but their moral quality of the unfaithful cruelty which is dangerous to them as well as to the bystanders. Thus, there is no reason for anyone including them to believe that the ground zero plan based upon a universally accepted value system of the brotherhood of mankind.

    Thus, the ground zero plan should be postponed until the time Moslems and Christians have the family gatherings before our ancestor Abraham.

    Remember the facts that our airports, subways, railroads or large building or the city streets are now under the seize of the Moslem terrorists; they are now scanning even into our private parts, anyone wants their loved ones go through the terrorist’s scanning humiliation.

    If their plan allowed to advance as some idealists dream,
    many Muslims could have golden chance to sneak into America in groups as students, visitors or religious workers under the ground zero mosque sponsorship or their faithful.

    Then, they could easily establish the planning center for the second 9 11 – fatal to the sinking American civilization

    As you all know, at any emergency, we call “9 11” for police help. The smart attackers choose “September 11” to warn America to call 9 11. Now we are under their seize as they warned America always to call “9 11” on that fateful day. Their warning is still on.

    Why the Moslem brothers in America can’t initiate a mission work for their hatemongering Muslims and Taliban brothers, denouncing 9 11 attack, prior to the ground zero plan? Then we can see a light in the tunnel.

    Who needs freedom of religion if one should lose one’s life in the name of the adversary’s freedom of religion?

    Chae S. Sone

  2. Wayne Allen says:

    Just GREAT. I particularly like stage 3. Being a Texan I’d LOVE to succeed. Not necessarily to become Mexican again, but to be rid of Obamaland.

  3. Peggy says:

    This insightful cartoon says it all. Let’s pray Bibi stands firm.

    America is on a downward spiral with BHO in office.

    Happy Independence Day Isra’el!!!