Agence France-Presse, in a May 30 dispatch via Breitbart, describes the latest ugly chapter in Obama diplomacy towards Israel:

HILLARY CLINTON addresses the UN Non-Proliferation Conference on May 3, 2010

Washington’s unprecedented backing for a UN resolution for a nuclear-free Middle East that singles out Israel has both angered and deeply worried the Jewish state although officials are cagey about openly criticising their biggest ally.

The resolution adopted by the United Nations on Friday calls on Israel to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and urges it to open its facilities to inspection.

It also calls for a regional conference in 2012 to advance the goal of a nuclear-free Middle East.

Israel is widely believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East, with around 200 warheads, but has maintained a policy of deliberate ambiguity about its capabilities since the mid-1960s.

The document, which singles out Israel but makes no mention of Iran’scontroversial nuclear programme, drew a furious reaction from the Jewish state who decried it as “deeply flawed and hypocritical.”

But it was US backing for the resolution which has caused the most consternation among Israeli officials and commentators, who interpreted the move as “a resounding slap around the face” which has dealt a very public blow to Israel’s long-accepted policy of nuclear ambiguity.

Publicly, the Israel government has not criticised the US position but privately, officials expressed deep disappointment over the resolution, which Washington backed despite intensive Israeli efforts to block it.

According to the top-selling Yediot Aharonot daily, the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “furious with the Obama administration for having failed to prevent the resolution from passing… and for choosing to support it.”

“The American support for the resolution, after decades in which it supported Israel on this issue, came as a complete surprise,” the paper said.

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  1. Gill says:

    Why did this come as a surprise? It was obvious to me beforehand that Israel would be ‘chastised’ by Obama/Clinton in this matter. What is Obama/Clinton doing in relation to Turkey to try and curb the anti-Israel position it is taking? Why is there even a hint that we want to put an Ambassador in Damascus? All the while they transfer missles to Hizzbulah? Where is Obama/Clinton in balancing the Gaza suffering rhetoric? Goods and material, medical supplies and even milk pass from Israel into Gaza daily. Even if they’re pro “Palestinian” the truth should be supported. Concerning the nuclear issue, why have Obama/Clinton taken the same hard approach to Iran? Israel, don’t be mollified by the occasional crumb your fed while the diplomatic beating on the world stage is in high gear! Obama/Clinton are not your friends! Shalom over Jerusalem!

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