HURRICANE DAMAGE: 50th & 18th in Boro Park, Brooklyn

Posted On October 29 , 2012
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TwitPic via Ch@imK –

IOWA PAPER FRONT PAGE: Romney Smiles, Obama frowns

Posted On October 25 , 2012
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PHOTO: ‘The Obama Bomb’ – Set to explode on November 6?

Posted On September 28 , 2012
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h/t: Jack

THE MUSLIM MONA LISA: Louvre opens Islamic art wing

Posted On September 24 , 2012
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This is from the section on Muslim modern art –

Here’s the story.

‘Definition of Naive’ – Any Jew who votes for Obama (Pic)

Posted On September 19 , 2012
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Via S.J. Husak

SOUTH PARK VID (2009): ‘Muslim Sensitivity Training’

Posted On September 13 , 2012
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A classic!

Remember: PALESTINIANS danced in streets on 9/11 (PIC)

Posted On September 11 , 2012
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So Israel isn’t only country with fantastic women in uniform

Posted On September 9 , 2012
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We had such a great reaction to posting TheBlaze’s photos of Chayalot – Israeli women soldiers – that we were happy to give USA women equal time.

Via SpecialOpsForAmerica

Why I worry about my son’s safety in the Israeli Army (PIX)

Posted On September 6 , 2012
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Wouldn’t you like to see Sarah show these ladies a thing or two about handling firearms?

Photo essay via TheBlaze

h/t: NK