Israeli Air Force female pilots in pregnancy can fly to week 25

Posted On December 30 , 2013
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Fly, Baby, Fly!

(Yet another reason for Israel’s soaring Jewish birthrate.)

Jesus, Israeli settler: Religious Jew born in Bethlehem, Judea

Posted On December 26 , 2013
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And raised in Nazereth, Samaria.

MAD Magazine: Latest Ben & Jerry’s flavor – IMPEACH-MINT

Posted On December 18 , 2013
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RightWingArt: PALIN vs. MOOCH = CLASS vs. CRASS

Posted On December 18 , 2013
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Check out RightWingArt

PALIN: A plastic Jewish family on my lawn at Christmastime

Posted On December 12 , 2013
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ObamaCare architect Zeke Emanuel loses his cool on FOX

Posted On November 3 , 2013
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Why so defensive?

Via YouTube

She’s TITI YITAYISH AYANAW and her family WALKED TO ISRAEL FROM SUDAN when she was 12-years-old.

Vote early and often before Nov. 6.

Egypt Brotherhood mob torches Christian orphanage (Pic)

Posted On August 16 , 2013
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Via WeaselZippers

Via PatriotNation –