Blabbermouth OUT! – Defeat Debbie Wasserman Schmutz!

Posted On July 12 , 2012
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Posted On July 11 , 2012
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Via ElectAd

See the trailer>


New Ad: TIME FOR OBAMA TO ACT against Iran nuke program

Posted On June 14 , 2012
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Today the Emergency Committee for Israel released a 30-second ad on President Obama’s failure to curb Iran’s nuclear program. The ad will air in the coming days on broadcast and cable TV in New York and Washington DC, on Sunday political shows, and during weekend sporting events, with additional markets to follow next week.

ECI’s executive director, Noah Pollak, explains:

President Obama says we must prevent the Iranian regime from getting nuclear weapons. Yet talking isn’t accomplishing this goal. Today, Iran has six times more enriched uranium than when President Obama came into office — enough for five nuclear bombs. We fear that the Obama administration is now intent on kicking the can down the road past the election. The Emergency Committee urges the president to live up to his promise to stop Iran. Don’t delay. Don’t ask others to do our job for us. It’s time to act.”

Click here to watch the ad.

For any questions or media inquiries, please contact ECI’s executive director, Noah Pollak:, 202-600-6220.

PALIN 2007: Our leaders need to secure and defend the U.S.

Posted On June 13 , 2012
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Hard to believe this was less than five years ago.

Charlie had Sarah on more than six months before McCain won the nomination.

Mitt Romney should take Sarah Palin’s advice and pick Allen West for VP running mate.

Here Col. West’s new re-election vid –

VIDEO: How Obama undermines the U.S.-Israel relationship

Posted On June 10 , 2012
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About 20 minutes.

Via AccuracyInMedia

VIDEO: Full Sarah Palin segments on Greta and Cavuto

Posted On June 6 , 2012
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