TED CRUZ: Obama’s ‘dangerous wrongheaded deal’ with Iran

Posted On November 26 , 2013
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LENO: Even Obama is distancing himself from ObamaCare

Posted On November 25 , 2013
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VIDEO: Obama’s lying on Israel, like his lies about healthcare

Posted On November 15 , 2013
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Via EmergencyCommitteeForIsrael –

Zeke Emanuel is ObamaCare’s academic/policy point man

Posted On November 5 , 2013
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Thus far, Egypt’s crack-down on Brotherhood is a success

Posted On November 4 , 2013
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A picture taken July 29, 2013 shows posters on a street in Cairo of Egypt's army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi (L) and US President Barack Obama with a beard and bearing a slogan referring to the belief by some Egyptians that the US supports the Muslim Brotherhoodi.

Civil war consumes the ever-more-extreme anti-Zionist left

Posted On November 3 , 2013
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'Goliath' author Max Blumenthal (son of Sidney)